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About us

For many years, King of Kings Ministries has played an instrumental role in the development of worship in Israel, both in Hebrew and in English.  Through King of Kings Worship, we are giving a voice to our ministry family by offering original songs written by our worship team. This team represents our community of worship leaders, musicians and creative production leaders, all of whom have a passion to serve with excellence and to reveal the true face of Yeshua to the nations through worship.

Our Sum of Talented Parts

About: Band Members

Ray Ramirez

Worship Leader

Ray is our leader and moral compass, our Visionaire, and vocal virtuoso. His greatest desire is to see people growing in their God-given gifts and callings, and to that end, he’s been serving and ministering for over 3 decades, mainly in the US and in Israel. Ray’s professional experience as a creative director, music producer, and really anything sound/production-related - has been a blessing to us and so many others. His secret passion is buying audio plugins.
Yes, he is a techno-geek at heart.


Melissa Mott

Worship Leader

Melissa is “the mother” of our team, apart from her own 2 kids she adores. She has a sensitive nurturing heart that is passionate about both excellence and discipling people towards pure worship. A vocalist, keyboardist, and music educator originally from the USA, she’s led and directed worship schools, camps, and teams in various countries for over 3 decades, but King of Kings Community has always been her favorite home... Right along with all of Jerusalem’s outdoors, and little boutique cafés, that is.


Tairo Arrabal


Tairo is the one not only giving voice to our notes and words, but he also envelopes them all with love, care, and great EQ. He and his family recently moved to Israel from Brazil, so that we all could enjoy his professional ear, sound engineering skill, academic background, and vast experience. His true passion is a good EQ and a better BBQ.


Tom B

El. Guitar

Tom is the voice in the back of our heads, navigating us to safe shores. A British born guitarist with over 16 years of experience and influences from multiple genres, he brings unique sounds and creative touches to any music style he performs - revealing skill and passion, creativity, and vision. Since he’s the quietest of the bunch - he’s also the most likely to surprise you with what he does say.

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